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Saturday, April 23, 2016

From Prague to Bozoum

From Prague to Bozoum
Friday, April 15 ends the meeting held in Brussels with the presence of Officials from EU and UN in which we discussed the Central African Republic present situation.
The next day I go to Prague. Brussels airport, because of recent terrorist attacks, is full of soldiers and police. There are lots of controls and a lot of tension as well. The same tense situation is in the City. Everywhere the atmosphere is a tense one.
Once In Prague I go to meet the friends of SIRIRI.Org and the Friars of our Community. With the SIRIRI friends we talk of shared projects particularly health and education. In the afternoon I chat with Karol Böhm, the architect who designed the Lyceum St. Augustin in Bozoum and the Foyer. We discuss the great project of the Carmel in Bangui: the construction of a new convent, a church, an Apostolic Centre, and the idea of a possible monastery for Carmelite nuns. In the evening I’m with my Friars Carmelites in Prague. In the Church-Shrine there is the statue of the Child Jesus all dress up in white because of Easter season. I stay for a little while with Him entrusting to his love the Central Africa Republic especially our communities of Baoro, Bozoum, Yole, St.Elie and Bangui. On Sunday I take the opportunity to visit this beautiful city, and also to spend time with friends.
On Monday I leave for Brussels. In the evening I’m in Paris where I spend the night. I have the flight to Bangui the next day.  Wednesday morning I'm back in Bangui airport where I welcome Ludmila and Vojtech, members of the Association SIRIRI.ORG. They are here to monitor the projects, especially the one called "Studying by playing". It is a very interesting project that wants to help the students in an effort of entering the school learning Sango, the national language, in a nicer and more "enjoyable environment."
On Thursday we finally leave towards Bozoum. We meet 16 (sixteen!) barriers among police, gendarmerie and military. Five of them are there only for toll charges! Despite fears I can go on without any problem.  We get to Bozoum at noon just in time to enjoy “the river” of young students walking back home from the school. Every day here at the Mission come to School more than 1,200 children, including kindergarten, elementary school, Middle and High School.


Bruxelles, la cathédrale



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