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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sacrament of Confirmations and EU

Sacrament of Confirmations and EU
Saturday, April 9 I leave early morning and at 11:30 I'm in Bozoum. Tomorrow we will celebrate the Confirmations, and in the afternoon we keep ourselves available to listen to the confessions.
Sunday Fr. Marcello, sent by the Bishop, presides over the Mass. Those who are going to receive the Confirmation are more than 130: boys, girls and adults. This sacrament, which is the gift of the Holy Spirit, is intended to help them grow to a more mature adult Christian life. The Mass is very lively, and the church is packed.
On Monday I travel towards Bangui. At about 160 km from Bozoum there’s a police barrier. It is already a good number of times I find myself in troubles, and today the police threaten me seriously. The reason is that a few months ago, seeing the level of corruption of these agents, I had complained and name now is on a black list. Finally, after one hour of threats and shouts, I can move on. The arrival in Bangui it’s under a heavy rain.
The next day we celebrate Fr. Anastasio birthday and in the afternoon I leave to Brussels. Here welcomes me Marcela, member of the Association Aid to the Church in Need. In 2014 they had organized and accompanied me in different EU Agencies, where I had been able to explain what was happening in Central Africa Republic. I'm here in Brussels because the European Union is organizing a high-level meeting to discuss the Central African Republic situation and, most of all to try to understand how to move in the near future, now that the elections have taken place and a legitimate Government elected is already running the Country. We are about thirty people, including Officials of United Nations and E.U.

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