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Monday, May 23, 2016

Buildings underway….

Buildings underway….
This week about eighty parishioners have gone through a special time of training on Marriage, to discover or rediscover the beauty and the grace of the Sacrament, guided by Fr. Marcello Bartolomei. Here often family life is very fragile and accompanied by several problems as the weight of the dowry, poverty, the lack of mutual knowledge and the difficulty of living a responsible sexuality.
During this same time a group of Muslims, mostly women, it was here at the Mission for a period of training on Agriculture. In the recent past a good number of them were already accustomed to trade or farming, but the war has changed everything.
The work at the construction site of the church is going on in a satisfactory way.
Thursday afternoon I was about to leave towards Bouar, but began raining: the classic storm which left   the country roads impracticable. I traveled therefore on Friday leaving at 04.00 am, arriving at 08:30 am in Bouar, 250 km far. I deal immediately with various meetings with the communities and Caritas. Before leaving on Saturday morning I meet the Missionaries committed to the Healthcare. They are here for a stage on AIDS training guided by an Italian volunteer, specialist of the subject. I meet them briefly to present the project funded by the Czech Republic, which will help pregnant women (prenatal visits, delivering and emergency procedures), malnourished, disabled people and people with AIDS.  
Saturday afternoon I’m on my way back home in Bozoum where I arrive in the evening.

Formazione sul Matrimonio
Formation Mariage

Formazione sull'Agricoltura

Il pleut

Luigina e Mario

Riunione dei responsabili dei vari servizi sanitari della Diocesi
Réunion des agents de Santé du Dopcèse.

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