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Monday, May 16, 2016

Zero kilometers

Zero kilometers
A miracle happened this week: I could stay at home, in Bozoum, without traveling! Long time now that I didn’t experience something like this, and I have to tell you that it was a pleasure!
Since Sunday we have with us our seven Carmelite novices. Normally they live in St. Elia near Bouar. They’ll stay with us all week long. It is good to see a nice group of young people praying, working, eating and having fun. I kept busy in catechism examinations and, above all, in following the construction work of the church.
The extension of the building proceeds, although a bit slow for a number of reasons: my being often away, and the lack of work site supervisors , engineers and construction workers with the experience of Alessio Vada and Enrico Massone.  Anyhow, on Monday we began working inside the church by breaking down the side of the presbytery and starting to build the wall that will contain the sacristy which will be in the background of the church. It almost seems to make archaeological excavations! We find stones, bricks and even metal strips obtained from old cans used in place of iron bars as reinforcement. The team of carpenters, composed of a dozen people, is working very hard and I hope to complete the sacristy area within a month. Meanwhile we should get the glasses for the windows.
I hope to get even some carpenter from Italy or anywhere else… to help us out. By any chance do you know someone?


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