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Sunday, June 19, 2016

End of school year. 1

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End of school year. 1
With the month of June here too, in Central Africa ends the school year and begin the holidays which come with the rainy season and with the hard work on the fields.
Sunday we celebrate the feast St. Antony. Besides the Parish Church in Bozoum there are 3 chapels in which we celebrate Mass once a week. On Sundays we celebrate in one of the three alternately, at 06.30. The St. Antony’s Chapel is the first that has been built and later in 2008 also expanded. The feast is time to pray, celebrate, but it’s also an opportunity for our people living in surrounding areas to remind themselves of their faith.
Monday I leave for a quick trip up to Bouar (250 km): I visit the various communities.  I meet a capuchin Friar from Ngaundaye  a small mission at the border with Cameroon, where unfortunately are back the mercenaries of Seleka, in revenge for the killing of some Peul (pastors) who wanted to enter armed with a large flock of cows (most possibly stolen). Thank God, and also to the many contacts and friends, the UN peacekeepers finally intervene just in time to avoid a massacre. The Seleka, before running away, have “only” the time to burn thirty houses, killing and injuring several people.
Tuesday I spend the night in Baoro leaving on Wednesday at 4.00am to go back to Bozoum where I arrive at 7:15, just in time for a coffee, a visit to the construction site of the church, and most of all to preside the Mass in the occasion of the end of School year, with and for pupils and teachers of our Middle school and High school "St. Augustin". Wednesday morning is schedule the Reunion of Board of Education. For about 5 hours we try to evaluate boys and girls of our school. The Third class (equivalent to the Second High) has just undergone the Public School tests. All did pass the tests (and ours students are among the top ten in the entire area!). To the top of each class we assign a scholarship. This year, thanks to CDVM (Club Executives Sales & Marketing) of the Province of Cuneo, we can guarantee the next year free of fees to the most worthy!
Thursday afternoon we close also the Orphans Centre activities "Arc en Ciel". Over 200 children enrolled, to which we guarantee the school, one meal a day, medical care, playing opportunity, education and training to small manual jobs. In the future they will have a great opportunity to build up a small business. Sister Christine, the coordinator, attends yje closing moment organizing dances, games, helping in giving a small gift to each child.
Behind all this, there is a lot of work, but also many people who help giving themselves here, in Italy, in the world. Thank you!

la cappella di St.Antoine

Sr Chistine

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