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Sunday, June 26, 2016

End of school year. 2

End of school year.  2
After examinations, homework, meetings of teachers and professors, comes the moment of giving to the students the reports cards! Sunday afternoon, from 02.00pm on, the mission is flooded by a crowd of children and adults. With a bit of hard work the teachers of our school "Isidore Bakanjia" and the kindergarten can settle all students (850 elementary, 150 asylum, eighty of the syllabary course) and we begin the ceremony.
The teachers call pupils of their own class, and then proclaim the approved to the next step, the rating achieved and the classification. In addition, the first 10-15 of each class receive a little prize: a small plant of citrus! It is an initiative that I launched a few years ago, to remedy the shortage of fruits in Bozoum. The children are very proud of that little plant, which then they will plant, along with their fathers, close to home or in the countryside. This year where our friends of National Team of Parmigiano Reggiano that have helped us to realize this little dream!
The most beautiful and moving thing is to see the parents participation. During the reading of the school results some moms and dads run to embrace their children to congratulate them! For a family the cost of the school is heavy, but it's good to see the interest and the sacrifices that moms and dads afford allowing a good formation for their children!
Monday comes the moment of closing the syllabary course. It is a school that over a period of three years can have back some eighty children in the school system. These are children who have never started school and are already too grown up to start from zero, or are kids who have dropped out of school.
In the meantime, the construction site of Bozoum church continues.

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