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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mother's Day and surroundings

Mother's Day and surroundings
Theoretically May 29 we should celebrate Mother's Day. But for years, in Central Africa, being able to follow the   calendar it’s too often a dream. The reason?  The politicians’ extravagances. Many festivals dates change in order to make easy for the Government Ministries to attend the ceremonies in the Provinces, but in practice the celebration often skips or loses its meaning. Anyhow on Sunday June 5th we wanted to celebrate in our parish the greatness and the beauty of the woman. At the end of the Mass the girls of Aita Kwe (Catholic Action Kids) did perform for them a song, a poem and a dance, offering some simple gifts to the mothers. After the Mass, we had a simple party and dances.
During the week we continue with the works for the extension of our Church. The daily works and different commitments of our Italian friends continue: Mario and his wife Luigina, and Elisabetta, a girl from Milan who will spend a period of time in Central Africa to help out and give a hand.
The doors to provide help are open; there is room for people of good will.

Luigina ed Eleonora

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