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Friday, July 22, 2016


I remained for few days in Yaounde, Cameroon capital, where I arrived Friday late morning. Saturday, July 16, we celebrated, together with the Carmelites, the great feast of Our Lady of Carmel. The celebration takes place in our parish of Nkoabang, in its 60th anniversary of the foundation. Along with some Italian fathers, the Superior of Carmelite Province of Milan, in charge of our Mission in Cameroon and with the Cameroonian friars we take time to pray together the blessed Virgin Mary whom we venerate as Mother and Beauty of Carmel, example and guide in the prayer and consecrated Life. Mary is the One that "pondered these things in her heart" as the Gospels say.
On Sunday we meet once more for another very intense moment: the ordination of two young Carmelite Cameroonians: Brother Martial and Brother Jean Baptiste. A great number of priests concelebrated with the Archbishop of Yaounde. The celebration is marked by much prayer, but also by many beautiful songs and a very vibrant and participated liturgy.
In the afternoon I visit the Carmelite nuns. In Cameroon there are three monasteries, and in this one in Yaounde there are some Italian nuns and other Cameroonians. I stay with them a couple of hours, speaking about our Mission in Central Africa, spending time in telling them about the Pope Francis visit.
Central Africa Republic is among the few Countries   where we, for now, don’t have cloistered nuns. And we pray and hope that sooner or later in Central Africa too we can enjoy the presence of these great women of God, filled with such great humanity.
Monday morning I begin my return trip. I leave at 06.00 am reaching Bouar at 05.00 pm after about 750 km. I stay in Bouar for the night and the next day I resume my driving back home. I take the direct route, which saves me 150 km. I have a bit of fear, because a few days before a confrere, Fr. Anastasio, got stuck on a bridge, with the car just on the edge. Thank God I can go smoothly, and at 11.30 am finally I got home, in Bozoum.
Here the works are progressing, and Thursday we can put on place the first of the three parts of the large truss (31 meters). Here's a little video:

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