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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Weddings and glass windows

Weddings and glass windows
The week begins with a marriage. Sunday, at 8.30 am Mass, Celestin and Evelyne celebrate (finally) their marriage. As it happens everywhere, the bride arrives a little late, but everything is excused by a magnificent white dress, complete with veil, gloves, bouquets and so on.
During the week we carry on moments of formation with some Church Movements, such as Charismatic Renewal. Friday brought here also about twenty animators which, together with Caritas and CRS (a US Charity) make the point about a very interesting project, which helps cooperatives and groups to save and invest in micro credit.
The enlarging work of the church goes on. We started coating the walls while getting ready with the frameworks for the roof, and slowly we continue with the local builders, and occasionally a few phone calls around the world to ask for advice. In a few weeks should arrive the windows, and we will begin to put in place the glass windows on the new walls.
I wish a very good job!

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