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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Woman in Mission

Woman in Mission
On Sunday, July 10, we closed the school year of “Cana” in Bozoum the Center of Women Promotion.
It is a Center that we created a few years ago, helping women reaching an education (it lasts three years) in a variety of areas: French language, mathematics, childcare, sewing, cutting, cooking and nutrition, knitting, embroidery ...
It is an activity deeply rooted in our heart. In Central African culture woman is the heart of home and family, but often its role is very limited. Almost all of the family administration weighs is on women shoulders. Unfortunately generally girls don’t have many opportunities to study. Often, after a few years in elementary school, the girls leave studies in order to take care for younger siblings and the house.
That's why we opened this training Center, in which many girls and women are able to get a good education, through which they can then open small activities that help to have some independence and to better deal with their children and family .
The Center is named after "Cana" because it’s at Cana’s wedding (John 2, 1-11) that Mary urges and gets by Jesus his first miracle, which is the beginning of public mission of the Messiah.
Wednesday I resumed my traveling, destination Cameroon (about a thousand kilometers away). I leave taking the straight road from Bozoum to Bouar recently reopened, after twelve years of unavailability. I did face some adventure because of the mud, but I managed to get through, and here I am now in Cameroon with my Carmelite friars.

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