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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Some come, some go

dal parrucchiere
chez le coiffeur

Some come, some go
At Bozoum there is always a little movement. This August there are also friends who dedicate precious time of their holidays to come here to serve in our Mission. Last Saturday Fr. Norberto came back, after a few months in Italy, and with him came Pina and Lorena.
On Monday I’m on the roads again, driving towards Bangui to give a warm welcome to two couples (Silvio and Cinzia, Eugenio and Mary). Both couples will be here Tuesday night. On Wednesday I return together with the guests to Bozoum, and they immediately begin to get busy. The all six volunteers have met a few years ago while planning together the project of Orphans Center "Arc en Ciel" (Rainbow) based in Bozoum. Since then they continue to support the project along with other friends, especially with the parish community of Cassina Amata (Milan).
Eugenio is the architect who planned the church extension works. It’s up to him now the task of taking the measures, studying the solution in order to finish the roof ending also the all work. Silvio as for now gives me a hand in the preparation of the church windows: more than 70 square meters of windows to draw, prepare and assemble.
There are also the different planning and reorganization works. On top of them the preparation of the next week commitment with the summer reopening of the Center "Arc en Ciel". Next week the children and the animators will come together for a bit of activities, games and laughter ...


architetto al lavoro

Le suore in festa
nos soeurs en fete

foto di famiglia
photo de famille

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