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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Last Friday I was able to leave at 1.00 pm towards Bozoum. The road is in poor condition, but I still can move on, and around 6.00 pm I reach our convent of St. Elias, in Bouar, 250 km away from Bozoum.
I'm here because our young trainees are at the end of a week of spiritual exercises, and in the evening some of them (8) will renew their vows for one year. Saturday morning it's a great moment for 5 young people (2 from Central African Republic and 3 from   Cameroon). They are going to receive the Carmelite habit beginning their year of novitiate   (a year of strong spiritual and communitarian experience). In the afternoon another 5 young people (1 Cameroonian and 4 Central African) are at conclusion of their novitiate year, ready to celebrate the first profession of vows, promising God chastity, poverty and obedience. It's a strong and a wonderful time of gratitude to God for these young people on a personal committed journey.
At 6.00 pm, under a very heavy rain, I leave for Baoro, where I arrive around 7.30 pm. The distance actually is only 60 km, but the road is a river of mud. After a rather short rest, the day after I’m again on the road at 4.30 am driving from Baoro, and shortly before 8 am I am back in Bozoum, just in time for a coffee and, above all, for the Sunday Mass.
On Monday we begin again the training of 150 elementary teachers, with the project "Educating playing".  In the morning I go to the airport (a landing dirt track ...) to welcome Adrien, member of the French Embassy that funds much of the training program. By the way, the training goes well, with the enthusiasm of the Czech trainers, belonging to the Organization SIRIRI, and the teachers.
On Thursday we close the session, with a well-deserved diploma. The city Authorities are with us, and we hope that many schools will open up to this new learning experience.

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