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Monday, November 28, 2016

Rome and Prague

Rome and Prague
Thursday, November 17ht I travel from Brussels to Rome, where I stay until Tuesday morning. These are days of encounters, meetings, interviews.
But the main reason why I’m in Rome it’s because Saturday, November 19ht, there will be the Consistory, the celebration in which the Pope creates new Cardinals, among them there will be the Archbishop of Bangui, Dieudonn√© Nzapalainga who is the first Cardinal of Central Africa Republic and this is, among others, a gift that Pope Francis offers to Central Africa, recognizing the great work of reconciliation and mediation that the Archbishop of Bangui has made in recent years. Thursday afternoon my meetings begin immediately. During these days are taking place the Assemblies of the FAO, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that of Agricultural Policies. This is an effort to involve skills and people, providing a help in the development of Central Africa.
Saturday morning I'm at St Peter's square. Large crowd, among which notably visible is the Delegation from Central Africa Republic, because of the yellow hats and, most of all, for the warmth of the songs and their vibrant participation. At 11am begins the Celebration. The new Cardinals represent many Countries of the world (Syria, Central Africa, USA, Spain, Bamgladesh, Malaysia, Albania ...). At that vision I feel and I see the powerful image of a Church so deeply involved in proclaiming Christ in the most difficult places of the planet.  After the celebration, the Central African delegation, on the higher level of the St.Peter's square, attracts the attention at their dances and songs. It’s the best way to communicate to others the great joy for this important gift of Pope Francis to Central Africa.
I meet as well with great joy, Sister Chiara, Sister Graziana and Sister Rosalie, of the Franciscan Missionaries of Fiesole which until 2015 they were in Bozoum. Sunday I move to Orte, to greet Maurizio Urbani, composer, who created  site. Have a look at it and you’ll be surprised!  
Monday is a day dedicated mostly to the media. In the morning I’m at Vatican Radio:,_p_gazzera_lonu_potrebbe_fare_meglio_e_di_pi%C3%B9/1273975 while in the afternoon I'm on TV2000, the TV show "The Diary of Pope Francis" :
Tuesday morning finally I travel towards Prague, where I find myself involved once more in meetings, interviews and reports about Central Africa.  Much of the work takes place, as well as with the Carmelite Fathers living in Prague (especially the tireless Fr. Anastasio) most of all with our friends, members of SIRIRI NGO, who are supporting in Central Africa a good number of services like  health and education projects. Last September they were in Bozoum training 130 teachers on the new methodology "Learning with fun - Apprendre en jouant". I have had as well the opportunity to meet the auxiliary bishop Vaclav Maly, who had been in Bozoum last year. l take the opportunity to visit few very fine schools where some of our friends teach. They are the ones who contributed a lot, with their experience, to improve the school in Central Africa.

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