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Sunday, January 22, 2017


The last weekend in Bozoum we have had a frenetic time.
Friday night, just as I was preparing my blog text, there was much gunfire, rather heavy weapons. The next morning we came to know that a group of antibalaka rebels have returned from Bocaranga and Koui, where they have spent the last month fighting against Seleka and Peul rebels, focusing mainly on robbery and looting. Back in Bozoum, they thought could have been grate to celebrate the end of the year!
The next morning, another surprise: the UN Peacekeepers left Bozoum. So at present we don’t have any law enforcement, no Prefect, no Deputy Prefect, etc. Business as usual!
Saturday our altar boys dismantle the crib, and so we look forward to the next Christmas.
On Tuesday I go to Bangui. Here I find a nice surprise: the refugees who for more than three years were living in tents and chantey cabins, almost all of them, left thanks to an agreement with the United Nations. It's almost impressive to see their absence among the palm trees and listen to the silence. We hope and pray that those who left can rebuild their home and, above all, live in peace and security.
Wednesday afternoon I take the flight with Enrico Massone to South Africa! The trip turns out to be a bit adventurous, first because the plane from Bangui has had a delay of more than one hour, and in Nairobi we have to run if we want to take the next flight, which fortunately is waiting for us. We arrive in Johannesburg at night time. We came here to visit the HYDRAFORM factory, which produces machinery for the manufacture of interlocking brick, made of mud and with a percentage of cement is between 8 and 10% . It's a simple technology, which uses the local mud, and reduces dependence on imported cement. In addition to this, it is a machine that will create jobs. We want to develop this technology for future constructions which we are planning to accomplish (agricultural school and convent in Bangui) and any other future projects (chapels, schools, dispensaries ...). Mud to make bricks! We don’t have much time. Arrived here the night between Wednesday and Thursday, we will leave on Saturday night, so we cannot visit much, but the short visit results to be very positive.
It is always interesting to see how other Countries are growing simply trying to find solutions.

Il sito dei profughi del Carmel, a Bangui. Quasi vuoto, dopo olre 3 anni di permanenza...
Le site des déplacés du Carmel, à Bangui. Presque vide, après plus de 3 ans...

Enrico Massone
la sede della ditta Hydraform
le siège de Hydraform

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