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Saturday, January 28, 2017


With our latest news we left you all last Friday, while we were still in Johannesburg, where we went to see the machinery for bricks manufacture. After two fruitful days of work, on Saturdays I and Enrico Massone took a tourist day! With a lovely train / light metro, we went into town and we began visiting around with a coach.  Johannesburg is a quite varied city, with a lot of green, a very large number of trees planted to decrease the dust of gold mining. We visit a nice park, where the zoo is located. Many families go there for a visit or a picnic.
We go through very beautiful and meaningful areas, as the square of Mahatma Gandhi, who here started his life as a lawyer and his non-violent struggle. We visit the Apartheid Museum too, which tells the sad story of this Country, but also the struggles and hopes of many people, among them the great Mandela. In the evening we approach the airport. Our flight, scheduled for 1:15am, is announced with a delay. Finally we leave at 2:30am. At Nairobi airport we face the same need to afford a fast running in order to catch the next flight. At 9.00am we are already in Bangui, after 7 hours, due to the difference in time zones.
In the afternoon we welcome Father Davide, the secretary of the Nunciature. He came for a visit with some Italian friends. Among them there’s Dr. Mariella Enoc, CEO of the hospital "Bambino Gesù" in Rome, appointed by Pope Francis to help the Children's Hospital and facilitate the homecoming of refugees. Monday morning I carry on a few appointments. Around noon I leave Bangui, and at about 6.00pm I’m in Bozoum, after the usual 400 km of holes on the pavement, barriers etc.
This week I deal with different issues. I need to control the rice grown here in Bozoum, rice that the WFP (World Food Project) intends to buy in order to distribute it in schools.   But there is a problem that bothers me: insecurity. At least are two weeks that we are without Prefect and Vice-Prefect. On top of this the UN troops have left the city. Often there are gunshots, and anti-Balaka (former rebels, now clearly bandits) act as the real bosses. So on Wednesday I invite them to a meeting. The participants are around 20 persons, including those responsible for the “Conseil des Sages”, some young people and some antibalaka. We discuss a lot with the goal to stop them and to build a minimum of civil coexistence for all. Let's hope!
Thursday we have another meeting to discuss the Agricultural Fair. Despite the insecurity, and despite the fact that we will miss the farmers of Bocaranga, Ndim and Ngaundaye (we don’t want to endanger them), we finally decide to go ahead with the project. So Bozoum on February 4th and 5th is going to have the great Agricultural Fair in its 13th Edition.
It is a bet on the future, on development, and on the work of so many farmers!


Il Re Leone... un po' stanco
Le Roi Lion (un peu fatigué)

Il monumento a Gandhi

Minusca à Bangui

Controllo dell'umidità del riso, prima della vendita
Controle de l'humidité du riz, avant la vente

Ginnastica per gli alunni della scuola di Alfabetizzazione

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