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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cameroon 2017

Cameroon 2017
I just arrived in Bouar, after a bit more than 2,000 km covered to reach Cameroon, at Yaounde. The week was, as always, quite animated!
On Sunday we closed the Bozoum Agricultural Exhibition. The results, despite the insecurity and lack of many cooperatives, have been good, with a volume of revenue of exchanges around 22 and 30 thousand Euros. On Sunday afternoon we presented the awards to the best exhibitors and the best gardens.
On Monday morning we begin the "Week of Culture” at our High School "St. Augustin". It is a week full of cultural events (film screenings, debates, lectures, dances, competitions, etc.) prepared by the students, together with their teachers and under the direction of Sister Annita.
In the late morning I rush to Bozoum Airport, boarding a small plane of the United Nations, which in an hour leads me to Bangui, where I have some meetings regarding the future construction projects. Tuesday morning we all wake up at 4:30, and after the Mass celebration we leave with Fr.Federico towards Cameroon, which is not just round the corner! At 12.30 pm we are in Bouar, and in the afternoon, after taking with us Fr.Enrico, we continue towards the border.
Crossing the border is always uncertain: sometimes it takes just an hour, sometimes 3-4 hours. We're pretty lucky, and after "only" an hour and a half we are again on the road, and at 7.30pm we reach Bertoua, where we spend the night. Here we meet some Central African friends, who had to flee the Country in 2014, and are seeking to rebuild their business. We leave on Wednesday morning, and at noon we are at Yaounde, at 1,200 km from Bangui. We are here to meet the Friars and our young trainees, but also to make some purchases (seeds, medicines, wood glue…). The time is limited but we take the opportunity to greet the Ambassador of Italy in Cameroon, who in October came in Bozoum.
Friday at 5:45am we leave Yaounde and in the evening we arrive in Bouar. Along the way we meet a group of rebels, who is stationed there for months now, without being disturbed by the security forces or by the UN Peacekeepers. 
At Bouar the situation is quite tense, because there is fear of attacks and riots. In the night between Thursday and Friday there was a general stampede, because of the many circulating "voices".
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