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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bozoum-Bouar: back and forth

Bozoum-Bouar: back and forth
Saturday morning we have invited fifty Bozoum teachers, to make a point about the situation of the project "Learning by playing” that we carry on since 2 years ago, with the Prague friends SIRIRI.ORG. At first we introduce them at the classes of C.I. (First grade) where they can see the children who are already able to read and write. It's a very interesting method, able to provoke the curiosity and the interest of children. Associated with native language (Sango) enables pupils to learn quickly and much better than with the classical methods followed here (memorizing, beginning with the French ...).
Sunday afternoon along with Ludmila and Fabrice, members of SIRIRI.ORG, we leave towards Bouar. There is also Alberto, who was here to reopen, at least for a week, our dental office.
When in Bouar I am involved in various meetings with our Delegation of the Discalced Carmelites. We come from all communities in order to reflect and discuss about our missionary work.
Monday is dedicated to the way how we form our youth. Are here also Father Domenico and Father Marco, arrived the day before from Yaounde, Cameroon, where they are working for some years now. We cooperate with them in training some young Cameroonians who are in the Novitiate and Philosophy curriculum here in Central Africa, while two Central African students are in Yaounde for their study of Theology. The educational work is very demanding, and we devote a lot of energy in the various houses: the Seminary of Yolé, the Novitiate in St. Elie (Bouar), the Student Residence of Carmel in Bangui.
On Tuesday we gather to have a chat with the Finance Commission, which brings together Superiors and Treasurers. It is also an opportunity to thank all those who in one way or another, help us and allow us to help.
In the afternoon I go back to Bozoum to accompany Father Marco Gazzoli with my commitment to be back again in Bouar the day after, Wednesday afternoon.
On Thursday afternoon I have a meeting with Caritas. The National Director Father Luk is here. He came from Bangui, along with two of his staff, and three people from the Caritas of the Diocese of Kaga Bandoro. It’s a great opportunity to know each other, share experiences, and ask ourselves what can / should be done, especially with the problems due to insecurity in these areas.
Friday I’m back to Bozoum, living the journey of Lent also through the Way of the Cross, always very well attended by our parishioners.


Il Convento di St.Elie a Bouar

vetrate di St Elie

Via Crucis a Bozoum

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