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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent 2017

Lent 2017
Last week was marked by the visit of the Cardinal, the Archbishop of Bangui, Dieudonné Nzapalainga. Here is a short video of the Cardinal's visit to Bozoum - Bocaranga:
On Sunday, after Mass, forty Scouts have made their promises in front of the parish community. It was an intense moment in which girls and boys have promised to live with respect for God and neighbor, according to the spirit of Scouting. Last Wednesday began the Lent season: a long period (40 days) of "reliability": it demands to take "seriously" our personal lives as Christians, following the invitation of the Word of God who constantly recalls us the duty to return to Him. It’s a long journey, that passes through three major steps: charity, prayer, fasting: love in action, love demanding to give yourself a special time staying close to God, love able to make sacrifices.
Wednesday morning we climb the hill overlooking Bozoum, Mount Binon. Here we celebrate the Mass, in which we received the mark of the ashes. There were many people, who then remained here in silence and prayer for most of the day.
Thursday morning I leave towards Bangui where I have few meetings, and on Friday I drive back home together with Fabrice Martin and Ludmila Böhmová, members of NGO SIRIRI.ORG, of Czech Republic. Are years that we work with them on various projects. We stop at Bossemptele, visiting the school where they began the methodology that started the project "Learning by playing". Upon my arrival in Bozoum I’m just on time to see the presence of some Organizations, which have just finished distributing the primary need supplies to more than 200 evacuated families who, from Bocaranga, have found refuge in Bozoum.

Promesse Scout

Salendo sul Mt Binon
en montant sur le Mont Binon

Fabrice e Ludmila (SIRIRI.ORG) a Bossemptele

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