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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kilometers and borders

cappella di Maigaro

Kilometers and borders
These days, I should say these months, I covered lots of kilometers.
Saturday morning, On March 25, I leave Bouar with Father Giustino, Provincial Superior and Father Davide the Mission Administrator, reaching Bozoum by noon. The Sunday isn’t too bad. After the Mass I meet for a catechesis the hundred catechumens who will receive the Sacrament of baptism at Easter. This year the liturgical readings are the same as the ones chosen by the early church to help the catechumens during their preparation for baptism.
In the afternoon we welcome a group of Sisters coming from Bouar, Baoro, Bossemptele, and Ngaundaye. They will stay here for few days of training on the method "Learning by playing". Monday they will be in the classrooms, with first graders, to better understand this method.
Monday I’m on my way to Bouar. In our Seminary of Yolé there are the parents of the seminarians, for a 3-day formation and meeting.
Tuesday morning, with Father Giustino and Father Davide we leave for Cameroon. Despite the fact that we cannot find the Circulation Papers we can move on anyhow, and at no one of the sixty barriers, we need to go through traveling back and forth, nobody asked for them. We make a stop at Garoua Boulay, where we meet Yussuf, a friend of us who had to flee from Bangui in 2013 because he is a Muslim. In the afternoon we continue to Dimako, where we are welcomed by the Carmelite Sisters of the Child Jesus. It's the same congregation that works with us in Prague. They receive us with joy.  They live a bit isolated from our Houses, and a visit here in Africa, it is always a very welcome treat! 
Wednesday morning we arrive at Yaounde, about 800 km from Bouar. Here too: meetings, reunions, conversations, and above all the joy of sharing time with our Brothers.
On Friday morning at 5.30 am, after leaving Father Giustino and Father Davide at the airport, I begin my driving back to Central Africa. During the trip I have a flat tire, and the spare tire is deflated. This forces me to a long stopover in Bertoua, where some Muslim friends greet me, and take care of the tires troubles. I restart at 2.00 pm and I have to drive fast, because the border closes at 6.00 pm. I could go through at 5.45 pm ... just in time!

riunione del Provinciale e p.Davide con i 4 novizi

le suore di Bozoum

école Bakanjia. Riunione-formazione dei direttori

raduno genitori, Yolé

Yussuf e il pollaio di Garoua Boulay

le suore Carmelitane di Gesù Bambino a Dimako


i ribelli a 20 km dalla frontiera, a Zoukombo

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