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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Provincial Chapter 1


Provincial Chapter 1
Every three years the Friars celebrate their Chapter: an intense moment of reflection, fraternity, prayer and discernment, in which we analyze our commitment to the consecrated life, the choices for the future and finally, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we elect the new Provincial Superior.
On Tuesday, May 2nd, we all (19 Friars) meet at Bocca di Magra, a beautiful convent which is also a “House of Spirituality”. There are young and mature Fathers of different countries (Italy, Czech Republic and Central Africa Republic). We are surrounded by plenty of serenity and much joy, though the moment is solemn and the decisions to be taken are really important.
On May 3rd, we elect the new Provincial.  The choice goes to Father Saverio Gavotto. The new Provincial had been some years in Central Africa, and then also in Israel. It is he who, after an intense prayer, accompanied by the prayers of all the convents of the Province and of many monasteries of cloister Nuns, is chosen.
In the following days, the 4 Councilors are also elected. They, together with the Provincial Superior, are the source of legislative decisions for the life of our Province. And now the legislative work of the Chapter goes on, enriched by intense prayer environment, without denying ourselves the joy of staying together.

P.Saverio Gavotto

Il Crocifisso antichissimo di Bocca di Magra

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