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Sunday, June 18, 2017

School year is (almost) finished

School year is (almost) finished
In June, even in Central Africa, the end of the school year is coming. And here at Bozoum, at the Mission is an opportunity for a huge celebration for over 1,550 kids attending our schools: the kindergarten “Ste Marthe” (150 children), the Elementary School "Isidore Bakanjia" (850 students), the School of Literacy (130 kids), Secondary and High School (250). Not to mention the Orphan Center "Arc en Ciel" with nearly 200 children aged 4 to 14 years.
This week the schools have held the Councils of Professors, and we, with the teachers were very much committed in preparing the report cards.
Yesterday, Friday, we reached the end of the year dedicated to the Orphan Center. Under the guidance of Sister Christine, the kids with a lot of liveliness did celebrate in songs, performances and dances. Today morning we will give the Report Cards to the boys and girls of "St.Augustin" (Secondary and High School), and the best students of each class will be awarded a scholarship, which the CCVM (Sales and Marketing Clubs) of the Province of Cuneo made it available.
See you next week for the second episode!

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