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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Build up, despite

Build up, despite
While the Country continues its never ending crisis, and while Government, International Community, UN Peace Keepers, (some) NGOs and (some) Communities seem to be making their best in keeping instability and doing as little as possible, we try to complaining  less and to working more!  
This week in Bozoum, we have had three beautiful events which we consider three very "good" news.
On Saturday, our Bozoum Savings Bank (CEC Bozoum) celebrated 10 years of life. An initiative which began soundlessly and now can proudly count nearly 2,000 saving members. Because of such positive success they decided to celebrate the event with a beautiful initiative: the gift of 25 mattresses to Bozoum Hospital. It's nice to give back to the city, it's nice to have thought of a concrete gesture, it's great that the gift is the result of the savings and the work of the Savings Bank and not of other entities usual help.
Monday morning another "beautiful" news: the beginning of 2 weeks of Accounting and Management training, for students who have finished our high school and for a dozen people working in the Hospital Administration and other Public Institutions.
Tuesday night we received one more "beautiful" news: the publication of the results of the Maturity Tests we were waiting for. Unfortunately, the results on all of Central Africa are rather catastrophic. Of the 16,180 candidates, only 929 were promoted (5.74%). Then there are the "Admissible": students who can retry the test for one or two insufficient subjects (if they pass, they will be promoted).
At our ”Lycée St.Augustin” among 17 candidates 8 are promoted, 8 of them "admissible" and only one  rejected. It's a great result!
These are more solid stones in building up the Central Africa Republic.

Formazione Contabilità - Gestione
Formation Comptabilità - Gestion

Ritorno degli Scout
Retour des Scouts

Gli alunni del nostro Liceo St Augustin

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