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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Staying or be moved

Staying or be moved
Perhaps not everyone knows that we friars every three years have to face a sort of deadline. Last month of May, we celebrated the "Provincial Chapter," in which about twenty Fathers, superiors and representatives all communities, did reflect on the past in order to trace the path towards the future of our Carmelite life. In the Chapter those friars are called to elect the new Provincial Superior and his Councilors. During the three years of their commitment to govern, they are responsible for the most important decisions to be taken. So, every three years all responsibilities "expire" and you have to verify whether to change the person who deals with that specific duty or simply confirming that person in the same service. Sometimes there are more urgent needs elsewhere, and each of us becomes available, with the consciousness that everywhere we are sent, that is the place where God calls us to live and work. So, with His help, everything will be fine.
Just these last days, decisions have been made for our Bozoum Mission too.
Well, I'll stay at Bozoum for another three years.
In few weeks’ time, will arrive Father Matteo Pesce, who was in Bangui replacing Father Enrico Redaelli, who after living with us for three years leaves Bozoum to go as a superior and master of novices in Bouar, at St. Elias Convent. We will miss him (though he will not be far away) mostly for its presence and sympathy, for its apostolic work and love for prayer, for its natural talent to stay with kids and youth. One more thing: we will miss him also for his support for Milan soccer team.
I’ll go on with my mission in Bozoum, but I ask for a prayer so that I can continue to work for the parish and all the people. May the Lord keep me in excitement and vivacity to always seek new ways to help others to believe and to love.  
At present we live under a heavy uncertainty. There are often shots. Last Monday in the area were present dozens of armed antibalaka. Frequently this is a matter of revenge, but this movement of armed people is worrying, also because there’s no countermove from the local Administration.
The rainy season continues. On Wednesday I left Bozoum, direction Bouar, but after 30 km I had to stop my traveling because a truck was stuck in the mud, blocking the passage. I needed to drive back to Bozoum.
The training on accounting and management for about thirty participants is almost at the end.
Still here in Bozoum last Wednesday, there have been tests for the second attempt of those who were declared eligible for Maturity. The correction and the vote for this test are concentrated in Bangui. Because of this, many errors in evaluating came to light. For instance: many students had zero in gymnastics. The tests were made here at Bozoum, and the results were sent to the Capital but were badly inserted into the final classification. For this reason many doubts aroused about many results.

F. Enrico

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