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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Greetings, rice, schools


Greetings, rice, schools
Living in a Mission, living in Bozoum, means people coming and people leaving. The 12 young people of ONG “SIRIRI.ORG”, which arrived on Tuesday, August 15th, did their best to be ready for their work. Between Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th, everyone is busy preparing the great training session, together with 10 Central African teachers.
And Monday morning they are ready to begin the Session: there are 244 teachers coming from Bozoum and surrounding villages, but also from other cities: Bangui, Bossemptele, Baoro, Bouar, Ndim and Ngaundaye. They are all excited to learn and deepen the new "Learning with fun" method, which many have already used in the past school year (2016-17). It's nice and impressive to see the teachers taking part with passion, trying new things, like singing and playing: all this will be put into practice in many schools in the next school year.
Sunday afternoon we take the opportunity to visit the Bozoum rice fields. This year the fields are much more vast and well-farmed, simply because many have realized that rice can be sold, and can become source of income for the family.
On Sunday morning, at 8.30 am, we welcome Father Matteo Pesce, just arrived as a new member of our community of Bozoum. Presides over the Mass Father Enrico Redaelli, who will leave Bozoum after three years of work among the villages and the parish, mostly with our youth. It’s emotional and also a bit sad saying goodbye.
His departure is scheduled for Thursday, August 24th. It’s raining, so we decide to leave later, but it’s raining even more until noon. We leave at 1.30 pm, but after 15 km one of the two cars we travel with, stops. I go back to call the mechanic, who goes to fix it. He did fix the problem, but are already 4.00 pm. It’s too late to continue because there are 250 km of unsafe road ahead of us.
We retry on Friday, leaving at 5.30 am, and at 11.00 am we reach Bouar, where the whole community of St. Elia welcomes us with a little, simple and meaningful ceremony: singing we go towards the community church, where Father Enrico (new Superior and new Master of novices) entrusts his ministry to the intercession of the Saints of Carmel. “Saint Elia” is a young community. Are living there 4 Fathers, 3 Novices, 7 young guys who will begin the novitiate in a couple of weeks and 3 young postulants who are approaching the consecrated life.
As you see, many young people, and much hope. They are the future of the Country, of the Church and of the Carmel Order in Central Africa Republic.

Le risaie di Bozoum
une des rizières de Bozoum

Il mercato di Bozoum
la marché de Bozoum

Formazione insegnanti

P.Enrico à St Elie

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