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Friday, August 11, 2017

Mud and rain

Mud and rain
On Saturday, August 5th, I went back to Bozoum after visiting St.Elie and Yolé, where I also brought the Fathers who came from Cameroon, and Father Daniel of Nigeria.
We are in the middle of the rainy season, and the roads are in very bad shape. On Sunday, at noon, Father Enrico calls me; he was stuck in the mud a couple of miles from Bozoum. On Wednesday, already 5 km close to Bozoum, I have to go back because the road is an impossible mess. The roads conditions are frequently a problem for our travels: sometimes you cannot leave or you have to choose much longer itineraries. Only over the last 10 days I have traveled more than 2,000 km because of this.
On Wednesday I go to Baoro, where Father Maurice begins his service as Superior of the Convent. On Thursday I continue towards Bouar for a meeting driving back to Baoro in the early afternoon, and then I continue my traveling towards Bozoum with Father Daniel. We are home around 7.00 pm.
In these days, Father Enrico gave life to a round table in the city for young people, and so on Thursday and Friday nearly 130 young people and adults did meet trying to analyze the present social situation in the Country proposing solutions while dreaming for some changes. Unfortunately, the situation in Central Africa Republic doesn’t improve. Just in these days there have been very violent attacks, with dozens of casualties some of them beheaded. Although this happens far enough from here, we are very worried because we don’t see any change ahead of us.

Foto di famiglia

Alla Yolé

Da sinistra: p.Stefano, p.Maurice, P.Daniel, p.Dieudonné e p.Aurelio appena dietro l'obiettivo)
De gauche à droite: p.Stefano, p.Maurice, p.Daniel, p.Dieudonné et p.Aurelio (tout juste derrière  l'appareil photo)

Ottimo esempio di come ci si può impantanare...
Comment s'enfoncer dans la boue...

Tavola rotonda dei giovani di Bozoum
Table ronde à Bozoum

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