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Sunday, September 3, 2017

50 km for a chicken!

50 km for a chicken!
Sunday afternoon, while I’m in the parish office, a little boy 2-3 y.o. appears, encouraged by his Mom. He proudly walks in with a chicken in his hand (which is almost bigger than he is!). I do not understand if he wants to sell the chicken or what he wants to do. Is his Mom that gives me the real reason why. She tells me that have been months since her boy wants to see Father Aurelio, and that he began acting crazy as long as they wouldn’t bring the chicken to Bozoum. Then Mom took advantage of Father Norberto, who had been in their village (50km far from here) to celebrate Mass, and asked for a passage to finally bring here the boy. What about the chicken?  It's a small sign, but a great gift! I feel deeply moved by those 50 Km just for me.
Meanwhile, the training session for teachers, organized by the friends of Prague members of ONG SIRIRI.ORG, has come to an end. The 244 primary school teachers are very, very enthusiastic. It was a huge job including working in the kitchen, to arrange meals for all: Czech, French and Central African educators. But on top there’s the satisfaction for the result, so great. Now comes the effort to put into practice the method “Learning with fun”, which began few years ago in our Bozoum Schools. The method consists of 5 very basic pedagogical principles, demanding the involvement of children, starting from the elementary schools. In addition to the 5 principles (demonstration - practical aspect - reflection - cooperation - evaluation), there is also the teaching in the national language, the Sango, and the use of drawings (murals) to help children express themselves.  We began with this teaching method 2 years ago in our school, and now there are many schools using it. Teachers and parents are excited because they see a tremendous difference between the young students following the new system and their little brothers and sisters who follow the old one.
The Ministry of Education is also interested. On Wednesday morning I have had a long conversation with the Minister of Education, who is very appreciative of the system, wishing to see this experience, if possible, involving all schools in the Country.
On Monday I accompany to Bangui the young SIRIRI teachers, who will leave on Tuesday night. It has been a great experience sharing time in helping them. And for them it was rewording to see the great interest of all the teachers in learning during the 6 days of learning.
On Wednesday I return to Bozoum, where the large driveway leading to the Mission is covered by lots of orchid bunches, as it happens every years. Is with me the painter Alexis. He last year did collaborate carrying out the paintings of the church, and now he will complete the two lateral columns, the one on the side of the Tabernacle and the second one dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Bozoum (and Cuneo!).

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