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Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting ready for the school

Getting ready for the school
Schools in Central Africa, open, more theoretically that in real, on Monday September 18th. At Bozoum Mission, between Kindergarten, Literacy, Women's Training Center, Elementary, Middle and High School, there are more than 1,500 boys and girls who will reach the Mission every day.
Reopening schools after holidays means a lot of work, like cleaning, painting where necessary, repairing of benches and windows and the making of the uniforms for the students and also much training!   These days, elementary teachers worked on the first class program, adding the national language, the Sango, and using the "Learn by Playing" method. From Wednesday to Friday, teachers of our “St.Augustin” Media and High School have worked on some aspects of teaching, such as programming, preparing report cards, interaction with teachers and students.
The situation in the Country is increasingly worrying. Our entire area is affected by violence and attacks, against villages, people, and families. On Sunday, September 10th some villages on the road between Bouar and Bocaranga have been attacked by some Peul (nomadic breeders) and burned. In the following days some NGOs were threatened by antibalaka in the Bocaranga area. In Bouar, a young Muslim was killed, for revenge, because after being robbed, he had denounced the offender. The thief, after being arrested, had been released by the local Gendarmerie, and immediately he wanted the revenge. So yesterday, Thursday, the whole city was in agitation, with barriers erected by antibalaka on several streets. The Government is completely absent, and there is no real reaction. Even the UN Peace Keepers are accused of immobility, of low efficiency and, often, of accordance with some of the rebels.
On Thursday I was planning to go to Bocaranga to organize the school year (German Caritas will help us to encourage some 150 teachers). But at last minute I need to change my program, because there is too much tension, and I decide to go towards Bouar.
The trip is quiet, though the roads are getting worse. I’m bringing here the sanitary supplies (gloves, syringes, gauze) donated by the Czech firm Schubert. I give it to the Sisters who run the dispensary of Wantigera, and the hospitals of Maigaro and Niem.
Their beautiful smile repays for driving such a long distances, and for so bad experience of such great violence!


Sr Giulia, a Maigaro

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