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Friday, October 13, 2017

Refugees. 2

We continue working with the refugees. Their number remains fairly stable, around 3,800 people. The "system" of NGOs and United Nations Agencies has proved to be quiet efficient, and they begin to get a positive feedback, although it often takes a long time to fulfill all the bureaucratic passages. 
This is the reason why when we purchased the medicines on Tuesday we did buy also 2.6 tons of rice, which we immediately distributed to the 700 and plus families. Together with the Red Cross, a small dispensary was opened, which mainly cares for the refugees who come to us with the personal I.D. card we got ready for each family nucleus.
Just in these hours we are taking care of school enrollment hoping to open a refugee school beginning this Monday coming.
The solidarity is really huge, perhaps because our people have still in their heart and memory the bad experience they lived for almost two months between December 2013 and January 2014 when they too were refugees here at the Mission. On Sunday the Offertory of the mass was very generous, and St. Vincent Society brought food and soap, which we immediately distributed.
The actual situation at Bocaranga remains very uncertain. There has been a military operation by the U.N. Peace Keeper, but we fear that the rebels who run a few kilometers away, they can be back as soon as the Blue Helmets will leave, and this can happen in a few weeks time.
On Saturday afternoon also here in Bozoum  came a contingent of Blue Helmets. We had to work hard convincing people to accept them, because they fear their presence could be the reason for an occupation of Bozoum by rebels.
On Tuesday morning I went to Bangui in order to welcome our Provincial Superior, Father Saverio and the superior of the Indian Sisters who are in Bouar, and who are planning to open a new house in Bangui. On Thursday morning we leave before 05.00 am arriving at Bouar around 01.00 pm. I leave there the Sisters, driving finally back towards Bozoum, after 600 km of road and 11 hours of driving.
i doni della San Vincenzo

il riso di Bozoum

p.Saverio e p.Federico

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