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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Saint Teresa & Co.

Saint Teresa & Co.
 On Sunday, October 15th we did enjoy St. Teresa celebration. We Discalced Carmelites call her "the Holy Mother" because she has reformed the Carmel family. A great woman, full of love for God and for the Church, who has succeeded in establishing a new religious Family, beginning with cloister nuns and continuing with the Friars.
At Bozoum Church one of the chapels is dedicated to her, and on Sunday we celebrated Mass at that chapel. We got ready to the celebration with a triduum of prayers. The Feast was a great time of prayer and joy. The number of refugees in Bozoum remains high. Unfortunately, the situation in the North remains tense. As I was concerned, the UN Peace Keepers operation planned to "liberate" the Bocaranga area turned out to be a useless operation. The rebels have not been defeated. They simply moved a few kilometers away, going on with their criminal actions. Just
Yesterday I received testimony of acts of sexual violence made by MPC members in Nzoro, not far from Ngaundaye. Between Saturday and Monday there were two distributions for the refugees people. We could give them foods thanks to the World Food Program (WFP) together with kitchenware, blankets, mats, sheets and buckets, made available by HCR (High Commissariat for Refugees). On Tuesday, the School for Refugees began. The Study Superintendent gave us the possibility to keep open the classrooms for the afternoon schools and we started with 8 classes, and 210 students to which others will soon be added. On Tuesday morning I get up early going to Bangui, to welcome some Sisters belonging to the Indian Congregation of the Mother of Carmel. It is an important moment because they are about to open a second House in Bangui, and there are 3 sisters (Sr. Nirmal and Sr. Pradeeba from India, and Sr. Catherine from Malawi). With them there's the Vicar General Mother. On Thursday afternoon we leave driving towards Bouar, where we arrive late at night, greeted by the Yolé Seminary guys with a great party. It is a new chapter in our history. We did work with Indian Sisters for more than 25 years and, after a few months in Bouar, the Sisters will return to Bangui to work especially for girls and women promotion.

Cappella Santa Teresa
la Chapelle de Sainte Thérèse

distribuzione viveri
distribution des vivres

Distribuzione secchi, coperte, zanzariere, materiale cucina
Distribution de seaux, couvertures, moustiquières, oustensiles de cuisine

école déplacés

l'arcobaleno, segno di benevenuto per le suore indiane

Sr Grace, sr Catherine, Sr Pradeeba, Sr Nirmal

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