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Saturday, November 4, 2017

No bandits!

No bandits!
No bandits this week! On Thursday, October 26th, after a very uncomfortable night still scared because of what append earlier with the bandits inside our Mission, we got up early at 5.00 am in order to go towards Bangui. I bring there the Indian Sisters of which two of them are Superiors leaving on Friday. They bare on their journey back to Sudan, Are leaving also Fathers Andrea, Lorenzo and Davide who came for the great Priesthood Ordinations. Despite a convoy trucks (escorted by the UN Peace Keepers), we did arrive in Bangui at 1.00 pm. In the afternoon and the next morning I take part to various meetings, and on Saturday morning I begin my journey back to Bozoum.
Are three weeks now that I have been traveling between Bozoum, Bangui and Bouar, and in 19 days I have been driving and driving for 4,200 km. Courage!
Between Sunday and Wednesday I am finally home in Bozoum, On Monday we have a first meeting with the teachers of our St. Augustine's Middle and High School. It is about checking how the schools are doing class by class.
Tuesday I visit the schools for refugees: 8 classes, where a variable (too variable I should say) number of students finally attends school. The number of kids goes from  210 and 400- The refugees are undecided between stayng in Bozoum or going back to Bocaranga and elsewhere .
Educational work is a must. Just in these weeks, thanks to the benefactors from USA and our brothers from Czech Republic, we are close to end building two new schools: one at Kpari and one at Konkere.

la scuola in costruzione a Kpari, e a fianco la "scuola" attuale

la scuola di Kpari... adesso!

Scuola rifugiati: guardando al futuro.

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