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Saturday, December 9, 2017

A newly elected Bishop!

In primo piano il nuovo vescovo di Bouar, l'abbé Mirek

A newly elected Bishop!
Saturday, December 2nd, around noon appears on Facebook a news about our diocese, Bouar. The news is written in Polish language, but the automatic translation reveals to me that the Pope would have appointed Abbé Mirek as bishop of Bouar. I try to call him, and the busy phone line confirms that the news is probably true. And at 12.40 pm is the same newly elected Abbe’ Mirek telling me over the phone about his election. It's really great news.
The diocese of Bouar was created in 1978, and the first bishop was the Capuchin Father Armando Gianni, who led it for almost forty years. He built the cathedral and the seminary, and made that of Bouar one of the liveliest dioceses, thanks also to the presence of numerous religious and religious communities. After the diocese of Bangui, that of Bouar is the diocese with more students in Catholic schools. From November 2016 he was in Italy for health reasons, and his resignation was accepted in recent days. He was born in 1939. Abbé Mirek Gukwa, a Polish, is born in 1963. He has been in Central Africa since 1992, and after working as a parish priest in Bohong, and then as Director of the seminary, he has been Vicar General since 2006. During all these years of war and crisis, he has always been very close to all the parishes, and very active, together with other religious leaders, trying to reconcile the communities and sharing the comfort of a concrete help to everybody and everywhere it was needed. Really it’s a great news, and we're very happy with His nomination. For all of us it is a new page in the history of our diocese.
Tuesday morning I go to Bouar. Along the way I can stop and greet the new Bishop. Then I stop at Baoro, where we plan to open the school for catechists working in all parishes of the diocese.
These days I travel to Cameroon, to visit our young guys studying Theology in Yaounde, the Capital city. I find the roads in a better shape, but the journey is 1.000 km long from Bozoum), and, around 5.00/7.00 am I did drive in the fog.

il nuovo vescovo con il predecessore
le nouvel éveque avec son prédecessure

Cresime a Bozoum, con il vescovo Armando Gianni (2008)

il nuovo vescovo a Bozoum, per l'inaugurazione della chiesa, ottobre 2016

Membri del movimento Santa Rita
Membres du mouvement Sainte Rita

école catéchistes de Baoro




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