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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017
Once more it’s Christmas: great celebration all over the world. In Bozoum Christmas celebration has always something special. As for me Christmas reminds of snow and cold. Here instead we celebrate it with 35 degrees Celsius in the shade (even if at night the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius). But forgetting about the weather, the Christmas atmosphere is more about the joy for adults and, above all, for children, the lights, the colors, the cribs, songs and dances. And the enchantment and wonder of that Child never cease to amaze young and seniors. Christmas shines not so much because of the lights and the gifts, but essentially for the Light and for the Gift which is Jesus, the Son of God made Man. With Him, every man acquires a unique dignity. On Sunday 24th we began the preparation with the morning Mass, and then the celebration of the Birth of Jesus. Given the climate and the usual ways of living, we celebrated the Midnight Mass at 6.30 pm. A large crowd of believers, a well prepared Choir, and the Protagonist, He, Jesus, at the center of all our attention, of all our hopes. On the 25th, Christmas Day, we gathered at the church for the great Mass: a single celebrant priest, but 50 altar servers and about twenty dancers! In addition to the joy of the celebration, there were also 4 children receiving the Sacrament of Baptism (including twins, Antoine and Joseph). Many kids came to church with a toy, a small gift to be shared, sign and memory of the great gift which is Jesus.  After the Mass, songs and dances go really wild. The Christmas day and the following are quiet. Schools are closed, and activities are a bit slowed. On Wednesday I go to Bouar to take part at a meeting of the leaders of Catholic schools. We need to decide how to be ready for the consecration of the new bishop, but also to discuss the school year situation. Some schools began with almost two months of delay, due to the clashes. 
But as always we keep going on.


le danzatrici liturgiche
les danseuses liturgiques

Uno dei gemelli battezzati
un des jumeaux baptisés

Riunione scuole a Bouar
Réunion écoles à Bouar

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