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Friday, January 19, 2018

Just married

Just married
Saturday, January 13th we joyfully celebrated the wedding of a nice couple: Sylvester and Valentine. He is the Dean of the state High School, and she is a teacher. Beautiful celebration and beautiful party, which is prolonged, after Mass, with food, drinks, dancing and music.
On Tuesday I go to Bouar, for some meetings, back home in the evening, together with Paolo Silvestro. His wife Chiara and the other two newly arrived volunteers, all of them are a bit sick, for this reason they are forced to stay home.
The preparation of the Fair is more intense day by day. The Fair will take place on January 26th -28th, so very few days left and still a lot to do. During the week we go around visiting the fields which appear already like beautiful gardens.
Last Sunday, in Bangui, the brick machine trainer (Hydraform) arrived and there is a good group of people wanting to learn. We also sent two masons, because in the future we could start building schools and chapels with this material. The work is proceeding well: on Wednesday alone they produced 2,250 bricks. It's very good news.
With this good news something not so good. The car accident which happened last week regarding the Caritas car it was a lot scaring. I received some pictures: the engine went off, the brakes did not work and the car started to back away until it fell from a bridge into the river below. We just have to thank that no one, I stress no one, got hurt!



Sr Annita, Ada, Anna, Sr Lydie, Gauthier, Chiara, sr Anne Marie, Jacques e Ada

i mattoni Hydraform


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