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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Brick by brick.

Brick by brick.
The just ended Bozoum Fair represents a very important moment of development.
The NGOs and the UN Agencies who would have looked after the Agriculture and its development are practically absent. Despite that, the Fair is in constant growth. The sale results are more than doubled compared to the last 2 years. But what it's really important for the cooperatives and the farmers is that the Fair has become a fixed meeting. It's also an advantage the fact of its independence from NGO and UN, it means more freedom and projects closer to the needs and abilities of the people.
Last week I witnessed the realization of another dream. In January 2017 I went to South Africa to see and buy machineries to make bricks. The machines arrived and in January the production started. About 20 young men are learning to make bricks and to lay them. The production is about 3000 a day, the bricks are solid (very strong) and can be joined by locking, without cement. So, we started the construction of an Agricultural School in Bangui: this will allow the many young people to receive a basic formation for a valid job.
This week in Bozoum we finally started a radio station. Thanks to NGO Internews, we have started the process to create a Community Radio. There is much expectation and the radio could help a lot, both information and formation. On Wednesday morning we had a very important meeting with the many Bozoum city Groups, in order to elect a Comity, who will prepare the opening of the Radio Station. The Comity now has been formed. The name of the station has been chosen: Radio KOYALE (the name of the small river crossing the city).
This week will end up with the trip to Bouar for the consecration of the new Bishop, l'Abbe' Mirek, on Sunday Feb. 11th. We will go with a group of 100 people from Bozoum. For this occasion we started a diocese blog:
Brick by brick ...a large House is growing!

Fine della Fiera
fin de la Foire

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