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Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 8th and surroundings

March 8th and surroundings
As the Lenten journey continues, and the preparation of the catechumens for their Baptism at Easter is intensified, Bozoum celebrates also the Women's Day.
On Monday I go to Bangui with the UN plane. But there is bad weather, and the air pockets and jolts make me KO for a couple of days! In Bangui, I take a look at the Agriculture School, whose building site continues to grow. On Wednesday I return to Bozoum by car.
Preparations for the Women’s Day celebration needs a few weeks, especially in our St. Augustine High School. Sister Annita is the real engine of these moments, without forgetting that she is also the Vice-Principal. The girls of the Secondary and High school, together with Sr. Annita, organize a moment of reflection and fun, with songs and, above all, dances. And the girls are going wild.
It is also a moment of serious discussion. St. John Paul II wrote: "Thanks to you, woman, for the very fact that you are a woman! With the perception that is proper to your femininity you enrich the understanding of the world and contribute to the full truth of human relationships ". In Central Africa, women do not have an easy life: in their childhood they have to fight in a world where for first comes the male. To struggle for study, for dignity, for the family, for life, all of these are the main problems of all women in Central Africa (and not only!). And the learning curriculum becomes an important part of this effort.
In order to support our girls some friends of Cuneo have launched a beautiful initiative: a floriculturist has decided to offer, in addition to a flowering plant, 1 euro for each purchase which will be destined to create scholarships for girls who attend our school. Long live women!

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