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Sunday, May 6, 2018


May 1st 2018: in Bangui, Capital city of Central Africa, armed people enter the parish church of Fatima, throwing grenades and shooting on the crowd gathered for the Mass. They leave at least 16 dead, including the priest which I know. The people really strained organize a march bringing with them the bodies of some of the victims to the Presidential Palace, where the march is broken up by the military.
It's a terrible news. The fear that violence is unleashed is reality: 80% of the Country is in the hands of rebels, and in the Capital itself there are entire neighborhoods in the hands of armed bands.
The Cardinal, Archbishop of Bangui, has launched a message calling for prayer and calm, but at the same time asks that the truth be made about what happened at Fatima parish church. Peace is still far away!
The first week of May, after a brief visit to my confreres of Bocca di Magra, where I give a press conference about the book just printed containing the texts of this blog, beginning from January 1st of 2008, to the other 320 texts from 2011 to the whole 2017.
As I said newly printed, the book is titled: "Courage. We must fight so that God grants victory ".
Thursday evening there is the official presentation of the book in Cuneo, in a beautiful location: a greenhouse full of plants and flowers, made available by some friends like Roagna. Paolo Silvestro (but not only) who worked on the making of the book, and together with Fabrizio Brignone, the author of the foreword, all of them introduce the meeting, and then leave me the floor. At this happening there is a good number of person. Some of my Carmelite confreres are also present. And at the end of the evening, we sell the first 77 copies. On Friday, I am guest of the University of Turin, where I speak of Bozoum to a hundred third-curriculum students. And in the evening I'm in Dogliani, where Rai-Italian Television interview me and where I can talk about the book.
Take courage!

Università di Torino

A Dogliani con RAI 3

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