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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Back home

Aeroporto di Parigi

Back home
Leaving is a constant for many, but for a missionary it is even more. After a few weeks in Italy, I am returning to Bozoum. Time has flown. Between trips, meetings, interviews, conference evenings (but also dinners and coffee or cappuccino), I have been able to meet many people, communities, parishes, associations, schools, universities, TV and newspapers. And I always discovered with joy great interest and a lot of sympathy for Central Africa, for the Mission, for Bozoum.
Receiving such amount of energy by many people is a commitment and an important gift! Gift because there is a lot of esteem and affection. Commitment because I don’t go back to Bozoum alone, but instead I’ll bring with me many people who support, work and pray for Bozoum.
Tuesday morning, May 29th, the alarm clock rings at 2.30 am: a half hour later I'm in the car with Paul, who accompanies me. We move on to take Marisa, my sister, and at 3.10 we leave from Cuneo, while raining, towards Turin. At 4.30 we are at the airport, and after embarking the luggage, it is time (never easy) of the “good byes”. At 6.05 am the flight take off for Paris, where, at 10.10 am, I continue towards Bangui. The flight, rarely happens, has no delay. Together with Mario Mazzali (precious handyman of our Missions) I land on Bangui just before 4.00 pm (local time, 5.00 pm in Italy). We recover easily our luggage (another miracle) and we go to the convent of Carmel, where we meet the Community.
I celebrate Mass around 7.00 pm. The Gospel of the day is another gift: "Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields because of me and because of Gospel, which does not receive now, in this time, a hundred times as much in houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and sons and fields, together with persecutions, and eternal life in the time to come "(Mark 10, 29-31).
Wednesday morning I leave early at 4.30 am because I had forgotten to correct the hands of my watch. Anyhow we find closed the barriers at 12th km (the exit of Bangui), perhaps because of the tensions of recent weeks. At about 5.30 am the barriers are opened and we leave, arriving around noon in Bozoum, welcomed by the people, by Fathers Norberto and Matteo, and by the nuns Annita and Anne Marie.
May 31st is the feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth. We close the month of May with a mass on the Talo hill, from where a statue of the Madonna watches over Bozoum protecting the city.
Welcome to Bozoum.

La veranda di Bozoum

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