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Saturday, June 16, 2018

The end of the school year 1

The end of the school year 1
In Central Africa too, the month of June ends the school year.  
Back in Central Africa, Saturday morning I leave direction North with Father Davide Sollami (Head Administrator in Arenzano for our Mission) and Federico Materazzi (a guy from Tuscany visiting our missions). After a stop in Baoro, we continue towards Bouar, and after quick visit to the confreres of St. Elie and Yolé, we leave towards Bozoum, where we arrive around 6.30 pm after driving for a distance of about 600 km.
Sunday morning, after the Masses, they call me to pray for a sick person, in the neighborhood near the Mission. Walking towards the sick person house, I meet wo nice little twins, Luisella and Teresa: they were born during the 2013 war, when their mother was refugee at the Mission. They are fine and have grown up well! On Sunday afternoon there is the celebration of the Arc en Ciel (Rainbow) Center for Orphans: over 200 children go wild in dances and performances. In the next months they will be back with their families, who will also help with the work of the fields, which during the rainy season ensure the bulk of the food for the whole year.
On Tuesday begins the conclusion of the school year for the boys and girls of the Middle and High School of our St. Augustine’s school. The first act is the Council of Professors, in which we evaluate each student, also deciding promotions and failures... Thursday afternoon we deliver the report cards. For the boys and girls of St. Augustine’s it is an important moment. The long months of study, efforts and joys, they meet finally the crowning with the votes and the decisions of the teachers. For the best among them, thanks to some friends, we can offer scholarships. With these, the chosen students can come to school for free. This year another initiative started: the "pink" scholarships. The girls who rank in the top 6 of the class they too receive a scholarship, which covers the enrollment fees for the next year. It's a way to encourage girls to work and get involved.
For our girls, life is much harder (family jobs, responsibilities, etc.), and we try to help them getting the most out of school.


Luiselle et Thérèse, née en 2013 pendant la guerre...

le borse di studio "rosa"
les bourses d'étude pour les meilleures élèves

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