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Monday, July 2, 2018

A quiet time (almost)

A quiet time (almost)
The end of the schools also brings a little bit of calm. Just a bit and will last a bit, but as for now we are enjoying it.
Friday we ended the Maturity exam (BAC) for the students of our St. Augustine High School. The examination tests are all written, and now correcting the written results will take place in Bangui. And the anxiety for the judgment begins!
In these days I visit the rice fields of Bohoro, 7 km from Bozoum. In April we began to repair the earth dam and cleaning up the artificial lake that guarantees water during the dry season helping also in reaching 2 production cycles per year. The work is done, and now the lake is full of water, and the farmers are preparing the sowing for the new cycle of rice.
Saturday morning is the turn of the General Assembly of the members of the Bozoum Savings and Credit Bank. At this General Assembly the presentation of Budget and the various activities of the Bank is made. Basically is the only one outside of Capital.
On Monday morning I go to Bouar, and then to Baoro. Today the Bishops of Central Africa come back to their Dioceses after their meeting in Berberati. Baoro is on their way back home, and we welcome them with joy for lunch. Is with them also Cardinal Nzapalainga, and all the bishops of the Country. We share the joy of being together, sharing also the passion for the Church and for the people, but also the concerns for the Country. Peace is fragile, and completely missing in most of the territory. The pressures from abroad are numerous, and much of the local political class does not seem concerned for the common good, unfortunately!        Courage!
la diga della risaia
le bassin du Centre Rizicole

Maturità 2018
BAC 2018

Assemblea Generale della Caisse d'éèargne et Crédit de Bozoum

i Vescovi del Centrafrica con la comunità di Baoro

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