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Monday, July 9, 2018


Sunday, July 1st, after celebrating the end of all the other schools of the Mission, is now the turn of the "Cana" Women's Training Center. Opened in 2004, this small school is reserved for girls and women who receive training on childcare, family economics, cooking, sewing, cutting, embroidery and knitting, for the duration of 3 years.
The "Cana" Center is supported by our friends of Prague members of the Organization SIRIR.ORG, and takes its name from the Gospel: it is at Cana that Jesus performs his first miracle, changing the water into wine, pushed and convinced by Mary, his mother. Once more Cana highlights female ability and genius.
For the end of the school year girls and women give their best. They come at Mass, offering to God and the poor part of what they have done. In the parish hall their show of their handmade by them: clothes, sweaters, sweets, embroidered sheets. In the afternoon we deliver report cards and diplomas to those who did complete the three-year training course.
Monday morning we start again! At 4.30 am I leave towards Bangui, where I arrive at 11.00 am. The roads continue to get worse, and it takes six and a half hours to travel 400 km. Even the sectors of the roads covered with asphalt get worse by the day.
On Tuesday I’m at our Carmel Bangui convent for a ceremony. It's about laying the first stone of ... a chicken coop! In 2016, after the Pope's visit to Central Africa, the Italian government was committed to helping the Country with a training project on agriculture, targeting especially young people. Carmel is a large agricultural center of 130 hectares, created by Father Anastasio twenty years ago or so, with the aim of helping people and the country, through agriculture. There is a large plantation of oil palm trees, another, just begun, of coffee, and a large nursery of tropical plants. There is also a breeding shed with about eighty cows.
The project, which involves Italy, FAO, the COOPI NGO, some Nobel prizes (Yunus and others), finally begins to take shape, and on Tuesday there was a simple ceremony to present the project and start the works. And soon, I hope, the first young people can begin the training courses on agriculture, breeding, transformation...
On Wednesday at 4.30 am departure from Bangui, and in the evening I am finally in Bozoum, after a short visit to Baoro and Bouar. Keep going!


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