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Sunday, July 15, 2018


It's a week in which mothers make news!
Monday morning Suzanne Yadole, a multi-winner of the Bozoum gardens contest, and mother of Hyppolite, leaves Bozoum, to join her son in Italy. Hyppolite is a boy from Bozoum, paralyzed from the waist down, after a bad fall in the classroom. At that time we were facing severe problems: his wounds and his various health problems that were killing him. We were able to arrange a trip to Italy.
In Savona he have been welcomed and hosted with love by a small-big family; mom Emanuela, dad Fiorenzo, Alessandra and Daniele, and a couple of dogs. Hyppolite at present is enjoying a better health, but we felt the need to make him stay a while with his mom. And since he is not able for now to be back to Bozoum, it is the mother who goes to him. The journey is long: first we have to go to Cameroon in order to present the request for the visa, hoping for a yes. Then the flight to Italy.
On Wednesday I go to Bouar. With me is Sister Annita, who leaves moving Congo, for a period of rest, visiting also her family.
Thursday morning there is the meeting, the first one, of the diocesan Commission of the Media. We discuss the Diocesan Radio (whose name is Siriri, which means "peace" in sango). Radio, in Central Africa, is a great tool for information and training. With the help of the diocese of Chiavari (GE), with the positive involvement of Teleradio Pace, we hope to expand the area in which our radio waves can be received so that it reaches all 12 parishes of the diocese of Bouar.
We also have had a conversation about being present on the Internet. For several months, thanks to my friend Maurizio Urbani, there is a site of the diocese:
In the afternoon, I move to the St. Michael Center for AIDS patients. Here, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, and the NGO SIRIRI, we are building an Ophthalmology clinic, where those with eye problems will find staff, medicines and tools to heal or at least to improve conditions.
And I conclude with another mother: in all our Carmelite communities we are preparing the great festival of Mary, Mother and Queen of Carmel, on July 16th. And I entrust you all to Her!

la partenza della mamma di Hyppolite (la prima, in piedi, a sinistra)
le départ de la maman de Hyppolite (en haut, la première à gauche)

Il centro di Oftalmologia in costruzione
le Centre Ophtalmologique en construction

Ritorno a Bozoum
en rentrant à Bozoum

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