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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Work continues...

Work continues...
The work in the church which we began last week is over. Saturday we raised, about 6 meters high, the large steel beam (almost 12 m.) which is intended to reinforce the wooden truss. Despite the weight (about 12 quintals), we pulled it up with hoists. When we had finished, I told the workers we could go to Egypt to rebuild the pyramids! Here at the Mission, there is also a construction site in order to build two new classrooms at St. Augustine’s High school. For this construction we have chosen to use stabilized, self-locking bricks. We've just started manufacturing them! It is a new technique that allows to use less cement, and to put local resources to good use. In this period, Father Norberto is in Italy for a time of rest, and we are delighted to host Father Marco Pesce, the twin brother of Father Matteo, for a few weeks. He is sharing in our everyday life, prayer, work, and the discovery of this part of the world too. On Sunday, July 29th, in Genoa, there was a great moment of celebration. Our new bishop, Mgr. Mirek, was present along with many missionaries, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the ordination to the episcopate of Mgr. Armando Gianni, the first Bishop of Bouar.


Mgr Armando Gianni (seduto) e Mgr.Mirek Gucwa

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