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Monday, November 21, 2011

Today is Feast of Christ The King day!

 Today is Feast of Christ The King day!

Here in Bozoum we traditionally celebrate mass on Mount Binon, an overlooking hill of the city. On the top there is a shaft with a statue of Jesus, which was built by P.Vittorino on 1984
For those who cannot make it  there's an earlier mass in the local parish church and around 8 pm we leave along with the altar boys.

Then we park the car near the tank water supply, and set off on foot towards the top. It takes about twenty minutes walk on a path of turf and stones, and we finally get to the top
(well, so to speak … it's only 200 meters high!)
From here there is a beautiful view of Bozoum and its surroundings. I always like to come here: Jesus who blesses and protects everyone in the city, all those living in here and those just passing by maybe without even realizing that He's here and He doesn't forget anyone!

The Gospel brings us back to the Judgement, when we'll be judged not based on what we wrote, thought, prayed or celebrated, but based on Charity we gave.  Sometimes to strangers, other times given  subconsciously…it is nice to believe that God takes into account everything, even what we do without realizing, without thinking that He was in that poor we helped, in that child,  in whom who suffers, in whom who is in need!
Today there's one further reason to rejoice: the Pope is in Africa, in the State of Benin, where he just delivered an important document summarizing the Synod of Bishops of Africa.
The title of this letter is called "Africae minus" :  Africa's commitment. It's good to see how seriously the Pope considers Africa 

The letter begins with these words:

Africa's commitment to Lord Jesus Christ is a precious treasure, which I commend, for this beginning of the third millennium, to bishops, priests, permanent deacons, consecrated people, catechists and lay people  of this dear continent and nearby islands. This mission brings Africa to delve into our Christian vocation. This mission invites us to live, in the name of Jesus, the reconciliation between the people and communities, and to promote for all peace and justice in  His Truth 
Happy Feast of Christ The King day!

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