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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Here we are in the missionary october!

Every now and then my ears are burning….and I hope these weeks prayers were intensified for the missions and for all this amazing work that they do across the planet!

Last week, between Thursday the 18th and Saturday the 20th I was up north, visiting missions of  Bocaranga, Ndim and Ngaundaye, on horrible roads and even worse bridges, I travelled for 500km

During my trip I was on the road that goes from Bocaranga and Ngaundaye, where we gave seeds (peanuts, corn and beans) for more than 2000 families which were robbed by the rebels and were forced to leave their homes and villages. People are very happy, the crop this year was good because we had a lot of rain. Here they say NGU TI AWALI
(the year of the women)! It’s quite a rare event that presents itself and thanks to the good climatic condition gives fantastic results for the harvest!

This week I was in Bouar (another 500km) for a 3 days of training and breathing space with the parish committee from Caritas and Justice and Peace, as you can well imagine…we have a lot of work!

We focused on  “Africae Munus”, the pope letter in which he offered Africa the sythesis of the Synod of the african bishops. A very interesting and concrete letter, in which the church in Africa (and not only) is pushed towards an effort of reconciliation , justice and peace.
There were about 50 people: the representatives of 10 parishes and it was a good way to meet up and exchange ideas. There’s plenty of good will and to do attitude in order to face all the problems Africa is going through…..

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