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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Accidents along the way...

Yesterday, Sunday I visited with a local sick guy. On my way back people requested me to see a guy, 25 years old. He got arrested in Bocaranga by Seleka out of a money issue in which he was not involved and later on moved to Bozoum.
Rebels kept him for 11 days, tied up and tortured him: he lost an eye and his arms and legs are order to get him out of there and bring him to the hospital his family had to pay 90.000 CFA
On Monday morning a mother, the widow of a pastor who recently got shot during the Ramadan, came over asking for some help for his son. He had an homemade rifle, decided to give it up to the local chief but he got arrested, tied up and tortured. Ended up with one eye arms and legs paralyzed....for him Selekas demand 150000 f
At this point I decided. I went to see the Selekas.Went to home base, there was only one armed man. Prisons are full....I asked when will they finally stop torturing and keep people looked up....more rebels arrived. I asked where the chief was. I was told he went at the house across the street, where the Seleka "colonel" lives. I went there. I was waiting when more Selekas arrived. They threatened me, they told me they are going to kill me.
The colonel arrived. We sat down and talked. I told him I was there for these abuses. explained to him what happened. He replied it's their job. it's their job to arrest and beat people up. They are militaries he said. They can do as they please. I asked for at least one prisoner to be released. But they said no.
At that point another chief came in (some guy called Goni) he barged in shouting he's going to kill me, I had no right to be there pleading for the prisoners. He hold a gun and then he slapped me....
So I left.
What is to be done? When there are 9 barriers between Bozoum and Bangui and 9 between Bozoum and Ngaundaye...When Selekas respect no authority, no law…
How long will this hell go on ?

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