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Sunday, March 9, 2014

During the dry season, we are not without blossoms...

Salendo sul Binon il mercoledì delle Ceneri
En montant sur le Bino, le mrecredi des Cendres

Time is quickly passing by, and here we are in Lent! On wednesday we began with visiting the Binon, which is a hill upon Bozoum. There's a statue of Jesus, with his arms open who is protecting and blessing the city. and here, under his arms we gathered to celebrate Mass, where we received the Ashes:symbol of a conversion that we all need. All of us. Especially here in CAR, during  this crisis. We must ask ourselves which are the profound reasons of all this hatred and tension and begin a change of heart. There are thousands of houses to rebuild, but it's definitely more urgent to rebuild our hearts and minds...and to do it we need an infinite courage, That only God can give us. Him, who had no fear to  take on temptations and win.
On Thursday evening few cars arrived: it was the Archbishop of Bangui, Mons. Dieudonné Nzapalainga, the Imam and a Protestant. They came as Mediation Platform representing all religious creeds, visiting Bozoum and to see how and if it will be possible to reach some tranquility, to restrain damages and reopen the schools.
On Friday morning they all attending our 8 am meeting, in which we evaluate the situation each day and try to make the best decision accordingly in order to keep peace in the city. The Archbishop thanked for this and the Platform encouraged us to keep up the good work.
Along with them also came few journalists from Famille Chretienne, AFP and BBC. We went together to witness another small miracle in Tatale, 50 km far from here the population took in and protected 650 Mbororo, Muslims breeders.
Even if there's the dry season there certainly are some flowers blossoming....

la Messa sul Bino, con Bozoum sullo sfondo
La Messe sur le Binon, avec Bozoum à nos pieds

Un antibalaka a Tatale

Mamma e bimbo, Peul, a Tatale
Maman et enfants Peuls à Tatale

Il Mercato di Bozoum
Le marché de Bozoum

La riunione delle 8, con l'Arcivescovo, l'Imam e il Pastore
la réunion de 8h, avec Archéveque, Imam et Pasteur

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