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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The doll’s clothes

The doll’s clothes
This week is a very great one, which is going to end with the celebration of “All Saints”, who are so many.
We began the week with a special meeting with some of the 200 Muslims who remained in Bozoum. Most of them are women and children. The men had to flee away since January-February because of the war.
It’s now few months that we take care of them, and we will continue in staying close to them, being sure as we are that our care for them it’s like sowing the good seed for peace and brotherhood for a better practice of welcoming each other and respect each other. Tomorrow all Christians in Bozoum will make an offertory just for them.
Last Monday I went to Bouar where, together with the Diocesan Bishop, we hold a pastoral meeting of all 12 parishes of the diocese in which we reflected and shared what we are experiencing. At the meeting were present about sixty priests, nuns and lay people. What came out were feelings of great hope and joy in giving and doing something in spite of fear, threats, tension. Our thoughts turn often to the parish priest of Baboua, Father Mathieu, who is in the hands of the rebels for more than 2 weeks now. But these and the many problems of the country are not enough to extinguish our hope!
I realized how nice it’s to have opportunity to meet, but it's even better to share what we do and what we try to do in order to bring peace and proclaim the shining Peace of Christ. This is true in huge as in small things. Just recently a nun told me how a woman gave birth to a very premature baby girl. “She was so small that they could not find clothes that could fit. Then came one of them bringing a doll ... I took the clothes off the doll dressing with that the baby girl. Those doll’s clothes were just the right size for the child!
Back in Bozoum I could have a meeting with various NGOs working in the city. On Thursday and Friday I met with the teachers of our St. Augustine’s Elementary and High School, in order to make a first assessment of students, just one month from the Opening of the school year.
Happy Saints Day celebration!

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