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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Christmas doesn't end on December 25th; in fact we're still celebrating!
The children of Orphan Center “Arc en Ciel” of Bozoum they too celebrated Christmas, but they went on and for them the Wise Men are already arrived
During this Christmas time I continue to meet friends, parishes and communities. Before Christmas I was in the area of Como and Milan. I met first the Association "Friends for the Central African Republic". Then I did visit the parish of Cassina Amata, where I could meet quite a number of people available to take care of the needy.
Tuesday is traditionally market day in Cuneo, and I had the joy of meeting Colonel Lanteri, who last August had welcomed me and treated in the field hospital of the French army in Bangui. He returned to France, and during these days he came to Cuneo with his family. With him and his family we toured the city. Saturday night I celebrated the Eucharist in the parish of San Lorenzo in Peveragno, a small community but very thoughtful and caring.
And now we too are ending Year 2014. Which can be our wishes? A lot:  health, work, quiet times, peace.
Peace to the Central African Republic. Peace to the entire world. And In all of us the so much needed inner peace.
But the most important wish: being able of allowing God to enlighten us, our God who madly loves us. Saint Augustine says: “Which greater grace from God could shine upon us? Having an only Son, God made Him son of man, and vice versa He made the son of man, son of God. Search for the credit, the reason, the righteousness of this, and see if you find anything other than a gift of love”.

Happy New Year to all!

Aggiungi didascalia

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