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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Great and little dreams..

Great and little dreams... 
Sunday, February 22 is the first Sunday of Lent: a time strongly experienced here in Africa. It’s the time of preparation for catechumens in order to be baptized on the solemn Easter Vigil. Once celebrated the Eucharist we leave the church and, on the forecourt, military maneuvers, kind of, begin: today Scouts celebrate the Anniversary of the foundation. About sixty boys and girls renew Scout’s promise. A colorful celebration complete with uniforms, flags, songs and ... a few tears of emotion! On Monday afternoon I take Paul Silvestro at school. Today he is going to give his first lesson to the students of third and fifth grade of High School. Topic: marketing and enterprise. Basically a lesson a bit magic to help them dreaming, to make of a crisis an opportunity , able  to tell stories about a great people who strongly trust in the future and firmly work for the future, changing a dream into a springboard for a reality even more beautiful . Our volunteers (Mario, Maurizio and Paolo) proceed in their work, despite the sun, dust and also the lack of water (the pump got crazy and does not work as it should). The preparation work is almost done, and now they can move on with the installation of solar panels. Meanwhile I devote myself to the assembly and installation of another dream: a printer to create a newspaper at least at the parish level in order to give an opportunity to read, to get informed and for so much needed formation.
Thanks to those who helped accomplishing another dream!

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