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Monday, March 9, 2015

Rice, beans and solar panels

Rice, beans and solar panels
On Sundays, Lenten time, besides the Mass we are focused on meeting the catechumens who will be baptized at Easter. They are now at the last weeks of preparation, and after the celebration of the Mass we gather together for a moment of prayer and reflection. Schools continue, as well the lessons given by Paolo to the High School students. Monday we begin to distribute some food (beans) which I purchased for the poor and for the families in need. At present (dry season) they are struggling to feed themselves properly. Many families consist of Muslims in special difficulty because of the run-away of men, but also by elderly and lonely people. During the Fair I did buy 100 bags of beans, so at this time of dry season, in which agricultural products are not abundant, we can help out those in need. One reason we can't forget ... there are Organizations that distribute food, but often it is not a regular distribution. In addiction they distribute products such as rice, and this is a big problem here in Bozoum. Why?  People of this area while producing rice cannot sell it because the one distributed by these Organizations is on the market at lower cost. Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Bouar, for a meeting with the friars that live in Cameroon, and with whom we collaborate by helping each other in the training of young people: some Cameroonians are in Central Africa as novices, two Central Africans are in Cameroon studying theology. At Bozoum we are finally completing the work for solar panels installation. We thank Mario, Maurizio e Paolo. We thank also our friends who follow us from Italy in coordinating the job.
And now we are looking forward to the next week!

Il riso degli Organismi "svenduto" sul mercato di Bozoum
Le riz distribué par les Organismes vendu sur le marché de Bozoum

A sant'Elia (Bouar) con i confratelli del Cameroun
à Saint Elie (Bouar) avec les frères du Cameroun (P.Marie Joseph et p.Dieudonné)

Pelizza da Volpedo: il quarto stato



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